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Local Action Group (LAG) Obsotelje and Kozjansko is also in the new programming period organized as local contractual partnership, established with purpose to encourage comprehensive and balanced development in the area of Obsotelje and Kozjansko region by »bottom-up« approach. It is building on own development potentials and capacities, especially enhancing social capital by active involvement of inhabitants in joint planning and decision-making about own local development – participative democracy principle. This so called CLLD approach (Community led Local Development) enables local people to define its own priorities and development directions.

On 29th September 2015 representatives of public institutions, businesses, associations, organisations and individuals from municipalities Šmarje pri jelšah, Rogaška Slatina, Rogatec Podčetrtek and  Kozje by signing the consortium contract formally established LAG Obsotelje and Kozjansko for the new programming period. Membership in the consortium is still open for any interested inhabitants of the area who want with their ideas and skills contribute to rural development and higher quality of life.

Local development strategy of LAG Obsotelje and Kozjansko 2014-2020 was officially approved in September 2016 which enabled eligibility of costs within all submeasures of the CLLD Regulation. Total amount of budget for LAG from both funds (ERDP and ERDF) is 1.471.975 EUR.

LAG manager/ Lead partner of LAG Obsotelje and Kozjansko: Razvojna agencija Sotla (Development agency Sotla).


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