Main experiences of RA Sotla are:

  • Project management (domestic and international projects),
  • Content implementation of projects,
  • Administrative and financial management of projects,
  • Organization of events,
  • Managing public relations,
  • Conducting studies, condition analyses in the field of entrepreneurship, tourism, rural development and cultural heritage,
  • Creating promotional publications,
  • Creating and/or editing business plans.

RA Sotla act as a supporting organization for the public sector as well as for SMEs. They conceive ideas for the projects or turn ideas into projects. They offer consultancy with guidance through the entire business process free of charge – from the company’s establishment to the conception of project ideas and their realization, have extensive expertise in company management and possess the desire and passion to provide young entrepreneurs with assistance on their path to success. We especially help small and medium-sized enterprises in rural areas, which are faced, with challenges when adopting innovative business models to increase their competitiveness.

With a considerable list of implemented projects, RA Sotla is not just partner to form joint project content, but also an experienced consultant for project management, while also being an influential organization with a widespread network of international connections that can increase the dissemination of project results.

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