Programme: Operational Programme Slovenia-Austria 2007-2013

Project VINO COOL – wine, culture, cuisine will enrich and connect the tourist offer of the wine roads of the Slovene-Austrian cross-border area and make it even more attractive by promoting local particularities like klopotec (a windmill-like device used as a scarecrow in vineyards) and tradition, architectural interweaving of old and new, ecological wines and cuisine and the old grapevine, the oldest in the world.

In the project four tourist products will be created: Old Grapevine; Eco Wine – Bio Wine; Klopotec, Culture and Customs; Wine and Architecture, Health and Wellbeing, which will connect the project area into an integral unit.

Lead partner of the project is Maribor Tourist Board, partners in the project are: Weinland Steiermark, Development Information Centre Slovenska Bistrica, Development Agency of Prlekija, Maribor Development Agency, HALO – EDIL ING Commercial Association of Interest for Development of Entrepreneurship and Tourism and Development Agency Sotla.

Website of the project:


Development of Cross-border Wellness Destination through Connecting Countryside Tourism Products (WELLNESS 3+)

Programme: IPA Operational Programme Slovenia-Croatia 2007-2013

The project offers an opportunity for providers of tourism services in the countryside to gain new knowledge about possibilities for selling their products and services, an opportunity for higher added value, an opportunity for development of common balanced offer under recognisable brand, raising the recognisability of the cross-border area as a countryside wellness tourism destination. With the project we will ensure the flow of tourists and visitors in the entire area in connection with individual providers in the cross-border area.

We will preserve and bring new life to cultural and natural heritage, raise awareness of the local population and tourists about the importance of the attitude towards the environment, our heritage and the quality of living in the cross-border area.

The lead partner of the project is Development Agency Kozjansko, partner in the project are: Development Agency Sotla, LTO Rogla-Zreče, GIZ, Zagorje Development Agency and Krapina-Zagorje County.
Design of Common Cross-Border Standards – 48 Hours


Programme: IPA Operational Programme Slovenia-Croatia 2007-2013

With the project we wish to overcome the current state of the situation and problems of the individuals, interested public, investors and public subjects in the field of environment preservation. We wish for the area that borders to the Sotla River to be an example of the good environmental awareness and an example of good practice that can be also used by others in Slovenia and Croatia.

The lead partner of the project is Štore Municipality, partners in the project are: Podčetrtek Municipality, Development Agency Sotla, Institute for Environmental Research from Slovenske Konjice and Zagorska Sela Municipality.

Website of the project:


Centre for Lifelong Learning of the Savinjska Region

Programme: EU in Ministry of Education and Sport

The aim of the project is to set up entry points in the Savinjska Region to provide all inhabitants of the Savinjska Region, primarily women and individuals who have not finished their formal education, with quality information, counselling and access to new forms of learning with special emphasis on informal education.

The lead partner of the project is UPI Ljudska univerza Žalec, partners in the project are Ljudska univerza Rogaška Slatina, Ljudska univerza Celje, School Centre Slovenske Konjice – Zreče, General Library Žalec, Development Agency Savinja, Development Agency Sotla and RACIO – Company for Development of Human Potential.

Website of the project:


Coexistence of Tourism and Nature

In the project “Coexistence of Tourism and Nature” we have designed the first integral tourist product (ITP) of the Obsotelje and Kozjansko, developed the model of network marketing of the ITP, created promotional materials and carried out promotional activities. With the achieved results of the projects we have made the firsts steps towards greater recognisability of the Obsotelje and Kozjansko area as an area of natural tourism, we have taken advantage of the development potentials of the area and develop the motto “Coexistence of Tourism and Nature“.

Project activities are sustainable because they have set a foundation for further promotional activities and management of the ITP marketing model. Cooperation of all stakeholders in tourism has created conditions and ideas for future project cooperation.


Biking in Obsotelje and Kozjansko

The aim of the project is to bring to the area more bikers for short vacations, bikers who wish to bike on their holidays (they search for destinations that offer biking), daily bikers (interested in shorter circle routes) and competition bikers who want to take part in biking events. We are aware that the number of biking tourists is rising and that they are a valuable target group especially for less developed areas. The project will contribute to better recognisability of the entire area as well as the recognisability of the area as a biking destination.


Other projects:

  • Phare 2000 “Training of Local Tourist Guides”
  • Phare 2000 “Women Entrepreneurship as an Opportunity for Employment in the Rural Areas”
  • Employment Service of Slovenia “Care for Better Skills of the Active Population in the Area of the Subregion Obsotelje and Kozjansko”
  • Phare PFP “Preparation of the Research for Stimulation of the Economic Development in the Kozjansko Region”
  • Slovenian Tourist Board “Tourist Map of the Obsotelje and Kozjansko”


Development Agency Sotla

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