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THE ALTER TOURS project presents a unique opportunity for tourist guides and agents to enhance and validate their skills, aligning with the growing customer preferences for sustainable alternative tourism. The project aims to create a curriculum and an assessed & certified training material on alternative tour design and green & digital marketing skills. This will increase visibility for the project across different regions and at the EU level and assist target groups in understanding the project’s goals and results, encouraging their active participation. By creating a solid network of relevant stakeholders, the project aims to promote its values and assist partner entities in becoming leaders in certifying sustainable alternative tourism skills. The project also ensures the durability and exploitation of results, offering a promising path for professional growth and recognition.

THE ALTER TOURS project is collaborative, with several activities scheduled across different work packages. These include certification schemes, training programs, stakeholder engagement, and results dissemination. Each activity has a specific title, venue, estimated start and end dates, leading organisation, participating organisations, allocated amount, and expected outcomes. A working seminar is planned on designing the learning pathway for green & digital marketing skills and sustainable tourism, which will be led by the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development and ABAT Balkania. Ecole Supérieure, du Commerce Extérieur, will host the seminar, involving all partners in creating a curriculum and training material baseline. Your input and questions are highly valued, so please feel free to share your thoughts on the planned activities.

Quantitative indicators include:

  • The completion of all work package results.
  • Participants’ satisfaction levels regarding project activities and results achieved.
  • Quality of deliverables.
  • Number of visitors to the project website.
  • The number of posts made on social media platforms.

Qualitative indicators include the satisfaction levels of participants regarding project activities and results achieved, the involvement of target groups in activities, participation and contribution of project partners, and the development of topics in the curriculum.

The project will implement an effective assessment system focusing on quantitative and qualitative key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess the impact and ensure that the results are valid and high-quality, achieving the project objectives. The KPIs at the project level include the complete development of all effects that address the project’s main goal, participation and contribution of project partners, and full involvement of target groups in activities.

The project coordinator is Ecole Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur (E10093832 – FR), located in Paris, France.

The partners involved in the project are:

  • INSTITUTE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT (E10199181 – EL) – Based in Larissa, Greece.
  • RAZVOJNA AGENCIJA SOTLA (E10140447 – SI) – Situated in Šmarje pri Jelšah, Slovenia.
  • KYPRIAKI ETAIREIA PISTOPOIISIS LIMITED (E10206955 – CY) – Located in Nicosia, Cyprus.
  • ABAT BALKANIA (E10173295 – MK) – Based in Skopje, The Republic of North Macedonia.

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